Overclocking Guide for Best SHA-256csm hashrate for Nvidia GPU

Conducting a video card overclocking test for GALE mining using the sha256csm algorithm

With current high electricity prices, we will achieve more energy efficient settings.

For those who have a free outlet, in order to achieve maximum results, you can only advise maximum overclocking on the core.

Let’s conduct a test using the example of NVIDIA 1660 Super video cards.

Let’s take the maximum overclocking across the core as a basis (for this algorithm, it does not make sense to overclock video memory):

C:\Users\timudjin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Gale 4x1660s max HiveOS 1.jpg


Note – the consumption of 466.7W in the screenshot above is the total real consumption of the entire device entirely from the outlet, taking into account the efficiency of the power supply.

On NVIDIA 1660 Super we will get about 1.1Gh with a consumption of 100W:

C:\Users\timudjin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Gale 4x1660s max LOG HiveOS.JPG

At the same time, the energy efficiency is about 11.

Let’s try to apply energy-efficient overclocking settings using a similar algorithm, for example ALPH (KLS, PYI…):

Energy efficiency will ALMOST DOUBLE and at the same time will be about 20:

The optimal settings for NVIDIA 1660 Super will be: –coff 90 –clk 1470 –mclk 810

These settings for each video card can be found at: https://hashrate.no/coins/ALPH/benchmarks


To achieve optimal results directly for you, you can “play around” with the core frequency, approximately + – 100 of those indicated in the table.

To view the settings for a specific video card, just click on the name of the video card you need in the table below, where you can find the necessary settings for overclocking:


P.S. The situation is similar with NVIDIA 3070 ti graphics cards:

Using the settings –cl 1575 –ctk 810 –pl 200 gives very good energy efficiency indicators (about 20 vs. 11 at maximum acceleration)

I repeat once again, to achieve optimal results directly for you, you can “play around” with the core frequency, about + – 100 of those indicated in the table.