2024 GalleonCoin Mining Test Episode 2: Nvidia 1050TI

Is it worth Mining Galleoncoin on a Stock Nvidia 1050 TI?

Greetings dear Galleoneers! No GalleonCoin 1.5 reveals quite yet, although we are still on track for a Christmas release.

The Beard himself went ahead and decided to check in on “how the other half lives” and worked out a 24 Galleoncoin / GALE cryptocoin estimate on Zpool.

The results were quite impressive for such an old card, despite being hamstrung by temp limits, an inability to overclock because linux-on-laptop = the death of fun, and the fact that not even for a tutorial will The Beard pause mining that CPU-only coin that “we all know” is a favorite of his. Despite these self-imposed handicaps, the very decent results go a long way towards proving that the SHA-256csm alogorithm, free of VRAM requirments or DAG files, is still the GPU miners’ best friend in 2024!

Now if only you all would back up our recently promoted Galleoneer Mlon_Eusk and hit up the suggestions page on the Wildrig Multiminer Discord, then we can see what some real “blasts from the past” are still capable of hashing out in 2024 for the GPU-friendly SHA-256csm algorithm.

Click Here to read the results of the Nvidia 1050TI SHA-256csm Galleoncoin / GALE 24 hour mining test

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