Q: What is The Galleoncoin Roadmap?

A: Whatever the most recent 90 days of discord chat says


Q: When is PoS activated?

A: At the end of PoW phase on Block 5,000,000.


Q: Is SHA-256CSM mining algorithm ASIC Minable?

A: No one has admitted to succeeding at it yet


Q: What can I Mine GALE with?

A: We encourage wallet mining with your CPU as it helps to decentralize the network, however the route to steady rewards is through your GPU.


Q: What is the Galleoncoin Core RPC port?

A: 46975


Q. What is the P2P Port?

A: 46976

Q: Why isn’t my masternode working?

A. If you have already let port 46976 through your firewall, please check the masternodes tutorial or ask for help on Discord.


Q. I want to CPU Mine

A: For steadier rewards than wallet mining, we recommend the autoexchange feature on Zergpool.


Q, I don’t have any peers in my wallet.

A: Just add the official nodes list below to your galleoncoin .conf file.

addnode add
addnode add
addnode add

FYI: You plebs can tip Decker on discord for adding these: Asia-HK-1





Q. How does the Airdrop Work?

A. The closest thing we have to an active airdrop is you being very active on discord and if a Veteran Galleoneer Chooses to bless your efforts at amusing him he may or may not shower you with GALE via our discord tipbot

Q. You failed to answer my question here

A. That’s because the FAQ on our discord channel is vastly superior. Discord is also where the community is. Dicord is love, Discord is life.

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