What Is the GALE Cryptocurrency?

Mabuhay! GalleonCoin  is an SHA-256csm Proof-of-Work (PoW) coin on its own independent Mainnet. It is a Masternode coin loosely based on PIVX (So yes, it will eventually be Proof-of-Stake, but more on that later) with a rapidly growing community of miners, a catchy logo, An active Discord, and an endless

GalleonCoin / GALE Ship Wallpaper 4
GalleonCoin / GALE Ship Wallpaper 4

wall of memery and freebies to promote a worthy cause. GalleonCoin / GALE features Lighting Fast Transaction speeds due to our improvements on the original PIVX code. GALE has extremely low cost transaction fees due to its being built on its own blockchain.

You can send hundreds of millions of GALE to another user anywhere in the world for a transaction fee that is a fraction of a percent of the “absolute state” of ethereum or XRP fees.

We despise Gas fees. Passionately. Unconditionally. Unreservedly. Don’t you? Did we mention we don’t like Gas Fees? If you see the modern-day thievery that high transaction costs are, then you are already halfway towards becoming a potential convert to the sacred cause of our Most Excellent Brotherhood of Galleoneers.

What is the Purpose Of the GalleonCoin Project?

GalleonCoin / GALE has a twofold objective: To make casual GPU mining on mid to low-end machines viable again, to provide innovative masternode solutions, and to leverage the value that our technical stability will attract by donating half of the premine to a worthy cause.

What is this good, proper, and just, charitable cause that animates the GalleonCoin Team? The staking profits of the 500,000,000 GALE  premine is earmarked for donation to organizations promoting the preservation of the Spanish language in the Republic of Philippines, which, for all it’s rich history (Conquistadors Vs Samurai, Defeating 3 Protestant Invasions, Surviving a 300-year-long-Jihad waged from the south, etc), is today lamentably one of the most unique yet rapidly disappearing dialects on earth. Schools, local community groups, websites, and even bloggers and twitterati can benefit, just email us at the email address up top with 200-500 words describing your organization and we’ll start the process of affiliating you.

visit galleoncoin.org
We are the Galleoneers

     Alegrarás la sombra de mis cejas,
y tu sangre se irán a cada lado disputando

tu novia y las abejas     

Tu corazón, ya terciopelo ajado,
            llama a un campo de almendras espumosas
mi avariciosa voz de enamorado.

   A las aladas almas de las rosas
del almendro de nata te requiero,
         que tenemos que hablar de muchas cosas,
    compañero del alma, compañero.

      Elegía,  Miguel Hernández

What is the GalleonCoin / GALE Price today?

The best place to get real-time average price history for GalleonCoin / GALE is Coinpaprika, LiveCoinWatch, or BlockSpot because those seem to aggregate the price from active exchanges with appreciable trading volume. 

Can I Trade GalleonCoin / GALE on an Exchange?

YES. GALE is available in various trading pairs at the following exchanges:

XeggeX Exchange (Partial KYC): GALE/DOGE, GALE/USDT (Good mix of major and altcoins, fast deposits and withdrawals)

FineXbox Exchange (Non-KYC):   GALE/USDT Decent exchange but high withdrawal fees on USDT)

xRedx Exchange GALE/DOGE, GALE/RVN (Newer Exchange, but it’s run by everyone’s favourite solar-powered miner Rede)

Exbitron Exchange (Non-KYC):100% real human trading, GALE/USDT GALE/TRX GALE/BUTK

Use of 3rd party exchanges are governed by the providers individual terms of service. So don’t trade with more than you can comfortably part ways with and don’t bring any drama that may or may not arise with them to the community please, use of each exchange is governed by their own terms and conditions.

What Makes the GALE Cryptocoin Unique?

The SHA-256csm algorithm used by GalleonCoin is currently Asic-proof. It does not discriminate based on video memory, in some cases, older gpu’s can have a slight advantage. You can also cpu mine using the fantastic auto-exchange feature on zergpool. Atominer FPGA can  also mine it at about the same speed as an nvidia 1050ti.

Are you a mining farm owner with dozens of 4 GB, 2 GB,1 GB, or even 512 MB vram cards just laying about rusting away to no good use? Why waste those vintage processing chips? After all, with the current glut of used GPU’s on the secondary market depressing resale value, why not push your old hardware until it burns out in a final blaze of glory?

Are you a gamer who’s sick and tired of giving your hashrate to this or that hot project only to find that the big boys with dozens of the latest cards mean that your share of the block rewards amounts to a mere pittance?

Are you a creative or blogger with a laptop that you’ve never tried mining with? With no VRAM requirement, your onboard graphics will still get you a fair taste.

Mining GALE offers a use-case scenario for each of these situations and there’s probably plenty more.

The lack of a VRAM requirement or the need for any superfluous DAG file downloads offers an in for any owner of any GPU of any vintage. Mining GALE is basically exactly like what mining bitcoin was like in the days before FPGA and ASIC miners monopolized the hashrate… which is “Totally not” what we had in mind when we created GALE we swear.

With over 5 years left in the PoW phase and some (edit 5/24….just weeks now) to go yet before the 1st block reward halving, GALE is configured to be the casual GPU miner’s best friend. Happy Mining!

What is The GalleonCoin / GALE Total Supply & Block Reward?

We have set 5,000,000 PoW blocks, with one block reward minted every 60 seconds, with 1000 GALE minted per block, with 20% of the block reward earmarked for masternode owners, a very energy efficient passive income stream perfect for any webmaster or someone just getting started using linux vps servers

The GalleonCoin GALE Cryptocurrency block reward and halving schedule is:

Block 1-1250000 = 1000 GALE
Block 1250000-2500000 = 500 GALE
Block 2500000-3750000= 250 GALE
Block 3750000 – 5000000 = 125 GALE

So GalleonCoin has a minable supply in the POW phase is is 2,343,750,000 GALE plus 500,000,000  split among various support functions (Hey, if the central banks can invent their operating capital out of thin air then why can’t we?). The 500,000,000 GALE to be disbursed to worthy partners approved by the community starts to be a thing in PoS phase, so the  maximum is 2,843,750,000 GALE total availability in POW phase.

When the coin switches into Proof-of-Stake mode (that is, block rewards disbursed based on locked funds) with block rewards of 5 GALE per block, the annual minting schedule will be a reasonable 2,628,000 GALE minted annually in regular years and 2,635,200 GALE on leap years.

GALE will therefore be deflation proof and achieve the happy medium between fair compensation of stakeholders and Masternode owners while maintaining transaction fees at trivial levels for all users.

How Can I Mine GalleonCoin / GALE?

We have a comprehensive GalleonCoin Mining Guide that will get you started within minutes.

How Much Does it Cost to Set Up A GALE Crypto Masternode in 2024?

Since the GalleonCoin 1.5 Update the Collateral is 5 million GALE per the learned vote of the Galleoneer Brotherhood. Some users were abusing ivp6 to be running dozens of masternodes on a single laptop which really wasn’t performing a masternodes function of speeding up network traffic in all corners of the globe so, it was out with our original “People’s Masternode Coin” idea..

Is GalleonCoin / GALE a Fly-By-Night Memecoin?

Memery is love, memery is life. That said, we’ve just celebrated our third anniversary and have outlasted and outshown hundreds of better funded competitors with flashier sites, plenty more hype, and more “clout” behind them than our humble Philippines based team could ever hope to dream of outshining with such meager resources. GALE’s value comes from a better source than 98% of all nationally mandated fiat currencies…. it is driven by the market value and the communities willingness to accept it as a means of exchange… sort of how in olden times when Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mughal gold and

 silver coinage was freely traded in the sultry markets of post-renaissance Asia, The often stern rulers of all these venerable empires were not threatened by their citizens having the liberty of being able to decide for themselves which currency was worth their while as a store of value and a means of exchange, a freedom the Banksters seeking to turn the cryptospace into a gas-fee intensive tokenized clownshow run by “The Boys” in overpriced suits because “that crowd” are and have forever been ever-so-keen to deprive free men and women of the ability to exercise financial Sovereignty.

That said, If you’re here to be outrageous / outraged / or outrageously entertained, we have indeed consolidated the best of over 3 years worth of banterrific memery on the “totally official and organically curated” Marketing Stuff page.  If that’s too tame for you then check discord. Think you can outdo the boomer and gen X early adopting Galleoneers? Take the “Get a Laugh out of Forkbeard & Earn a GALE Bounty Challenge” by posting your own wicked sample of your warped creativity on the Official GALE Discord Channel and or the Official GALE Telegram Channel.

Does GalleonCoin / GALE have a Roadmap?

Yes, Yes it do. The Galleoncoin Roadmap is right here.
GalleonCoin / GALE Roadmap
GalleonCoin / GALE Roadmap

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