GalleonCoin is an SHA-256csm PoW coin with Masternodes with a rapidly growing community of miners, a catchy logo, and a worthy cause.

The SHA-256 csm algo used by Galleoncoin is fully asic-proof. It does not discriminate based on video memory, in some cases, older gpu’s can have a slight advantage.

With over 8 years left in the PoW phase and some time to go yet before the 1st block halving, GALE is configured to be the GPU miner’s best friend.

we have programmed in 5,000,000 PoW blocks, with 1000 GALE minted per block, with 20% earmarked for masternode owners.

The Galleoncoin block halving schedule is:

Block 1-1250000 = 1000 gale Block rewards
Block 1250000-2500000 = 500 gale
Block 2500000-3750000= 250 gale
Block 3750000 – 5000000 = 125 gale
Block 5000000-infinity.= 5 gale

Galleoncoin is currently positioned as “The people’s Masternode”, with a modest Buy-In of 200,000 GALE, it is the perfect entry-level choice for crypto enthusiasts interested in earning crypto through masternodes without risking several months pay on the starting collateral.

Our other objective is to develop an ecosystem devoted to spotlighting the Hispanic heritage of the Philippines.

We will do this via the release of games, development of a learning portal, and airdrops to organizations already pursuing the same goal.

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