Galleoncoin Masternode Tutorial

****Remember, The Windows Wallet my be on any PC, it must share the Private key of each 200,000 Staked GALE to activate the Masternode Running on Ubuntu Server 18.04****

****While setting up a masternode please avoid having any other incoming or outgoing transactions during the process to prevent any disruptions, yes, that means if you are mining, stop, wait for the next payout, and then mine away once you are done setting up your masternodes****

Install a masternode for your coin on Ubuntu Server 18.04 with the following tutorial.

Open your Windows wallet.

Go to Tools -> Debug console.

Type the following RPC command, to create private key for your masternode:createmasternodekey

Example output75eqvNfaEfkd3YTwQ3hMwyxL2BgNSrqHDgWc6jbUh4Gdtnro2Wo

Type the following RPC command, to create an address for the masternode amount fee:getaccountaddress "MN1"

Example outputTRPLV4dXmEFMSgXg2Xu6skN9pmw8TAo4N5

Go back to your wallet overview

Press on the toolbar button “Send”. Send 200,000 GALE to the address you just generated

Enter the address from the RPC command “getaccountaddress “MN1″” behind the text “Pay To:”. (Example: TRPLV4dXmEFMSgXg2Xu6skN9pmw8TAo4N5)

Enter the following amount of coins behind the text “Amount:”: 200000

Press on the button “Send”.

Wait until the transaction is confirmed by 20 peers.

Go back to the console of your wallet.

Identify the transaction with the following RPC command:getmasternodeoutputs

Example output "fdab9dff1ff9caf5d291905ad43b9f7d69775189d4d22cb085d7fedd94ea1c6a": "0"
The number at the end will be a “0” or a “1”. Remember that this number must be placed after the txhash in the .conf file or the masternode will not work.

Go to Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File.

Create the following command in notepad:

MN1 75eqvNfaEfkd3YTwQ3hMwyxL2BgNSrqHDgWc6jbUh4Gdtnro2Wo 06e38868bb8f9958e34d5155437d009b72dff33fc28874c87fd42e51c0f74fdb 0

MN1 – Alias for your masternode. – External IPv4 address of your VPS.

75eqvNfaEfkd3YTwQ3hMwyxL2BgNSrqHDgWc6jbUh4Gdtnro2Wo – Private masternode key from the RPC command “createmasternodekey”.

06e38868bb8f9958e34d5155437d009b72dff33fc28874c87fd42e51c0f74fdb – Transaction hash from the RPC command “getmasternodeoutputs”.

0 – Single digit from the RPC command “masternode outputs”.

Save and close notepad.

Close your wallet.

Now we must install a Linux node on a VPS server

When the Node is installed, edit the .conf file to establish communication between your wallet and the node.

Open nano.nano $HOME/.galleoncoin/galleoncoin.conf -t

Paste the following into nano:

externalip= – External IPv4 address of your VPS.

0acbf6f183d0c9b794b9bc0dba25f8a1a1eca21aa4f2e4a86ecd3120a59efb35 – Private masternode key from the RPC command “createmasternodekey”.

Save the file with the keyboard shortcut ctrl + x.

Type the following command to start your daemon: galleoncoind

Open your Windows wallet.

Go to Tools -> Debug console.

Type the following RPC command into the console, to start your masternode:

startmasternode alias false MN1