GalleonCoin Project Press Release 12/2021


Galleoncoin: It’s got the buoyancy coins crave

Cavite, Philippines, Dec. 1 2021

Galleoncoin (GALE) is a new cryptocurrency with a mainnet blockchain designed to be the center of an ecosystem of networking resources and games, some to be set in the 16th century Pacific region. It is a PIVX 3.3 based cryptocurrency featuring masternodes, PoS, & SwiftX transactions. Our team is a consortium of crypto enthusiasts with backgrounds as diverse as engineering, journalism, industrial production, and marketing.

The Galleoncoin Mainnet went live on November 16 2021 10:37:59 GMT. Unlike many masternode based coins, GALE has an affordable buy-in and an extensive Proof-of-Work (PoW) phase of 5,000,000 blocks, as a nod to hobby-mining origins of our team. Our non-technical whitepaper is available for download at our homepage.

GALE is minable through the ASIC-resistant SHA256csm algorithm, which makes mining it with even mid-range GPU’s a viable prospect. There is a 1000 GALE block reward for miners, with 5% reserved for masternode holders, a fact that pools adding the coin as an option should take into consideration.

We have attracted a core base of miners and holders, with over 120 miners having joined the mainnet within the first 2 weeks. Manila-based Relationship Manager Pablo J observes that “Numbers have grown steadily since our coins addition to the New Coins section at, aided by the quick support provided by community members and devs alike. New users can expect great support when joining our active discord community.”

We are please to announce that after comprehensive negotiations, GALE is now listed for trading at . Three pairs are available, GALE/BTC, GALE/USDT, and GALE/TRX. Project lead Forkbeard’s comment on the arrangement was that “We’re in very good company at Exbitron. Lots of young coins and projects and interesting trading pairs. It fits our growth plans for the medium term. One day we might look back fondly on the good old days when we were a low-market-cap startup”.

When asked about the eyebrow-raising decision to choose TRX as the third trading pair rather than the more established DOGEcoin, Community Leader Shah Abaz opined that “Some felt that fuzzy dog memes and wooden sailboats on fire just wouldn’t mesh well, the decision wasn’t based on fundamentals”.

Exibitron representative Eskal is enthusiastic about the exchange’s prospects for 2022, saying “You just wait and see, when we grow the mobile app on ios and android, we expect big numbers and more volume for next year. Preparing great stuff takes time as we’re a small team right now, but it’s worth it”.

To further extend the usability of GALE in this first 100 days of the mainnet’s existence, the team has secured a partnership with one of the newest multiwallet projects in the cryptosphere,, which has over 20 other upcoming coins included in one convenient wallet. When asked for comment on the deal, Beehive project lead xXTrevXx had this to say: “I’m may be the coding guy around here, but Beehive has jumped aboard the Galleon. We here at beehive wallet are committed to expanding the reach of the cryptospace, and the Galleoncoin project is going to be a big part of that moving forward”

GalleonCoin is a cryptocurrency project based on the GALE mainet. It offers fast, private, & secure transactions for all users as well as within the Galleoncoin Ecosystem. The Galleoncoin Project is currently welcoming stakeholders to support our blockchain with an ongoing GALE airdrop for the month of December, several bounties and challenges fit to test the hardiest of coders, and payouts for the occasional random trivia question.

Contact: Karl Forkbeard

The Galleoncoin Project

Email: [email protected]


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