GalleonCoin December 2021 Airdrop and Talent Competition

To fast-forward to our 6-month goal of attracting 500 holders and/or miners, we are running an airdrop of 20,000 GALE coins to anyone who can meet the simple requirements listed on our discord page.

We are also running a Contributor Content Competition. At the end of the month we will take a poll and the highest voted GALE related contributed content will get a 1,000,000 GALE prize.

Articles, memes, and anything requiring coding qualify as content.

We would like to congratulate the first entry, Brainwallet, a multi-coin backup wallet with GALE integration

The developer had this to say about his creation; “It’s client-side multicoin paperwallet and brainwallet, which can working without internet connections. But as you can see, there is possible to receive balance by address, from block-explorer, and sign transactions, using private key, sign this transactions client-side (without internet connection, if unspent outputs are known), and then broadcast that signed transaction”

If you would like to join the Brainwallet testing program for possible integration as the official GalleonCoin paper wallet, the creator is a member of our discord group and is available for queries along with forkbeard himself.

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